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Our lovely little salon, and our incredible team of stylists, are located in the best spot on 4th street.  We all believe in continuing education. We stay current - as new techniques as well as products are developed, we continue to be knowledgeable so we have the best to offer you. With a cozy atmosphere, you'll feel right at home. You can book here. Or you can order products. Or even talk to someone about what product would be right for you.

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Who we are

Acquired in 2017, Verde opened but was not complete until our manager, Wendy, came aboard. Wendy and Tiffany have been friends for 15 years.  From co-workers to business partners they are a great team, they have complimentary strengths and keep each other laughing. Which has translated to creating a space and a  salon culture that people are enjoying.

  They have both worked their entire careers in Long Beach and have a lot of pride in the city. 

They have worked together in assembling a group of talented stylists that fit their vision perfectly.

The neighborhood is important to them and they are proud to be a part of 4th street.

They are part of the community. 


what we offer

We are lucky to have found some very talented and knowledgable stylists to work with us at Verde.  We all sell different product lines, for all types of hair and different hair and  issues. We each have our favorites and we will take the time to explain and even show you how to use your new product.  That is the benefit of getting your haircare from a small business.  We have tips and tricks.  So make sure to talk to us about what you need, you don't have to guess at a big store and end up with a cupboard of unused products. We can help you.

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