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Long Beach- The Hood candles.

These candles were created to pay homage to our wonderful town and all of the little neighborhoods we are so proud of. 

If you have lived in many different parts of town...or just one...or maybe you just like candles,  these are all natural, soy, clean burning and subtly scented.  We love Long Beach and these candles can be a great gift or a reminder of your neighborhood pride.

This is Carroll Park-rain and white tea scent. Or in this size we have Alamitos Bay.

Which smells like Juniper and fresh linen.

 4 oz. 25 hours of burn time and conveniently comes with a metal lid so you don't have to smell or breathe in that, after you blow it out, smoky smell, just twist the lid on and dip out. 

Carroll Park & Alamitos Bay-mini glass jar 4oz.

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