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These candles were created to pay homage to our wonderful town and all of the little neighborhoods we are so proud of.  If you have lived in many or just one...or maybe you just like candles, these are all natural, soy, clean burning and subtly scented.  We love Long Beach and these candles can be a great gift or a little representation of your neighborhood pride.  

This is CAL HEIGHTS-clear/white iridescent which is rain scented.

 Los Altos, which is in a pink iridescent glass and is watermelon/peach scented.

or Zaferia, which is in a grey/lavender colored iridescent glass and is french lilac scented.

they are 10 oz. candles and burn for 60 hours.

Los Altos, Zaferia or Cal Heights-10 oz iridescent glass

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